Why Configurator ?


Imagine you hear from a friend that it’s possible to save money on your heating bill even by remotely controlling your home’s heating through smart devices. You want to know more! You are optimistic, and you go onto the internet and try finding it, you end up in a jungle. Finding the right product based on your requirements can take hours and sometimes even weeks. The same goes for smart products associated with comfort and security.

It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack


The problem is the process of making your home smart!

It is quite complex for an average consumer to choose compatible devices. There are too many companies, too many players and too many devices in the market and different functionalities along with various communication standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee & Z-wave only add to customer frustration.

It can so happen that – you buy eight products but have to install four different apps on your phone and still cannot automate your home because the devices cannot communicate with one-another. To solve this complexity, it takes days and even weeks to find a suitable product solution.

This is why Smartivate assists you with the Smart Home Configurator!

Value Additions
With Our Configurator

Through our configurator, we offer

Product Variety:
We associate ourselves to major smart home product manufacturers and ensure that all product types are compared via our unique in-house product compatibility mapping system algorithm before any product packages or solutions are recommended.

Retrofitting for individual houses and apartments – Depending on the home attributes, we also help a user decide on specifics such as wattage, bulb screw types & thermostats which are adaptable to their existing infrastructure. Thus preventing consumers from making wrong purchases.