About Us

At the forefront of technology. New thoughts. New possibilities Open your world.
At the forefront of technology. New thoughts. New possibilities Open your world.
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What we stand for...

Our goal is to provide each and every home with simple and reliable systems.

We are committed to delivering a personalized solution for homes that reflect individual personality and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

We enable a quick & hassle-free process of making homes Smart, Energy Efficient & Secure through our intuitive Smart Home Configurator & also make your buying process significantly easy via web platforms.

What we do...

Our Promise

We, at Smartivate, through a wide range of pre-existing and custom-built homes, help you to realize your dreams in making your homes smart, secure & efficient with customized solutions that make your lives cosy and comfortable!

Making your home smart has never been easier!

Meet Our Team

Young budding energy enthusiasts with a strong value-driven entrepreneurial goal

The founders Anand & Jeevan are alumni of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany & the EIT Innoenergy Master School with all relevant industry experience and background in Energy Technologies, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Product development, Business Engineering and E-commerce.

Anand Narasipuram

Co-Founder & CEO
As the saying goes “The way of living reflects your personality”.
Smart gadgets not only increase comfort but also saves money and energy.
I personally felt: using smart and connected devices made my life structured,
organised and happy.

Jeevan Dasan

Co-Founder & COO
I strongly believe that Smart homes lets you be more flexible and comfortable.
Not just that, it could bring a lot of unforeseen benefits beyond just dimming your lights,
rolling your shutters with your smartphone. It could save you time,
money and energy and even have a real impact of global warming, if it’s done right.
“Your phone is smart; your kids are smart and therefore your home needs to be smart!”