Smart Home Systems


Every Smart Home needs a Central hub. Think of central hub as the heart of your home. It’s a central organ connecting all the gadgets around your house. It allows you to access every device through one centralized app, rather than forcing you to use a dozen of different apps from various manufacturers.



Allows you to communicate and control connected accessories in your home via the app on an apple device. With the Home Kit framework, you can provide a way to configure accessories and create actions to control them. You could even group actions together and trigger them using Siri.
Amazon Echo


Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant, first used in Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers. It can control multiple devices at scheduled times or via voice command, like locking the doors, switching on your TV and turning off the lights when you go to bed. It is one of the advanced central hubs for smart home devices and can be easily operated by the Alexa app on both IOS & Android.


Enables users to speak voice commands & interact with a number of services through Google's intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant. Services, both in-house and third-party, are integrated, allowing users to listen to music, control videos or photos, or receive news updates entirely by voice in addition to effortlessly controlling many smart home appliances via the google home app.