Smart Home


Smart home technology is all about interconnected devices that automatically work together with as little intervention as possible.
It involves devices that make your home energy efficient, more comfortable and keep you secure from burglars. Moreover, it also assists children, the elderly and people with limited mobility with everyday life things.



Lighting & heating are the two focus areas when it comes to energy efficiency in households.  A smart lighting system will notify you via text messaging if a light was left on. The energy savings of a smart lighting system can be very significant.

Similarly, a smart thermostat is a fundamental part of energy management system because a home’s heating is one of the biggest energy consumers in the house. Some devices can easily report a saving of upto 30% on energy costs per annum.  Users can control both these devices remotely with ease.

Smart Door Lock 2


A smart home can protect your home while you are away or even on holidays. It offers you many opportunities to get notified on different events, ensures your personal security in case of a fire, flooding, or burglary.

For example, if you leave a window open when you leave the house, or if your child comes home after school, you will receive a simple push notification on the phone. In case of fire or burglary, in addition to the notification, it can immediately alert the emergency services.

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Enhance your lifestyle with simple, yet sophisticated control of entertainment devices, such as Smart TV, hi-fi system, beamer or even roller shutters with smart shading for optimal lighting and much more.

With a Smart Home, everything can be combined into one system. In addition to the usual control options, such as a universal remote control or programmed settings, you can also control your entire collection of smart devices with a mobile device or via voice control, if desired.

Smart Home devices can impact consumer behavior and will help people to be more energy conscious and in the long run be responsible.